Cooling Tower

  • Square Cross Flow Cooling Tower

    Square Cross Flow Cooling Tower

    The FRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) fan specially developed for the transverse flow cooling tower by spender manufacturing co., LTD. (with large rotation arc length, large intake surface, the noise during operation is concentrated on the tail of the blade, so as to minimize the noise generated by the transmission part).The three-dimensional filling material structure slows down the water flow speed. The water pressure of the inlet can be 0 through the natural gravity distribution of the perforated plate, and the water drops can flow directly into the water through the precise water level control of the inlet float valve, almost eliminating the water flow noise.

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  • Closed Cooling Tower

    Closed Cooling Tower

    ?Work Principle
    Closed type cooling tower is the equipment that makes work fluid(water or other liquid ) flow in closed pipes and isolated form air, heat through pipe wall exchanged to outside air,and finally makes the work fluid cooled down. Principle of the spray water cycle, commonly called extrinsic cycle, the same as opened type cooling tower: Spray water sucked from collecting tank by spray pump, flows into distribution basin, passes through perforated plate and flows into the heat-exchange fillings after evenly distribution, due to the working of fan, the speed-up evaporating part of water and taken away heat, spray water is cooled and heat transferred to the work fluid in the cooling coil pipes, after that cooling is completed. Finally spray water flows into the collecting tank, then to the distribution basin, and cycles continuously, so that work fluid is cooled continuously too.

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